Frequently Asked Questions

We have received many questions about plans for the new Crosby Wellness Center.  After reviewing the following responses to Frequently Asked Questions, if you have more questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact Mary Cox, Program Director — Winter Park Health Foundation.

Will the Crosby Wellness Center reopen?

YES, the Peggy & Philip B. Crosby Wellness Center WILL reopen late 2018 in its new facility within the Center for Health & Wellbeing in Winter Park.

Since it opened in 1989, the Crosby Wellness Center has always been a special place with exceptional staff, programs and services focused on improving the physical and social wellbeing of residents from Winter Park and surrounding communities.  That will not change.

What is the Center for Health & Wellbeing?

In August 2015, the Winter Park Health Foundation (WPHF) proudly announced plans for development of the Center for Health & Wellbeing (previously referred to as Project Wellness).

The Center for Health & Wellbeing (The Center) is a state-of-the-art, unique healthy living center focused on improving the quality of life for residents from Winter Park, Maitland, Eatonville and the surrounding area.  It will be the home of an all-new Peggy & Philip B. Crosby Wellness Center (which has been serving the community since 1989). In addition, The Center will feature a wide variety of services and educational programs to help empower members of the community to be healthier and full of vitality.  It will bring Wellness, Fitness and Medicine together in one unique location.

The Center for Health & Wellbeing will be open to the public.  Some offerings may have a fee associated with them for participation.  There will be a membership fee to join the Crosby Wellness Center (the cornerstone facility within the Center for Health & Wellbeing complex).  As plans for programs are finalized, fees will be announced.

For more information, visit the Center for Health & Wellbeing website.

Who owns the Crosby Wellness Center?

The Winter Park Health Foundation.  The Foundation has committed $25 million toward the development and construction of the Center for Health & Wellbeing, including a new $9 million facility for the Peggy & Philip B. Crosby Wellness Center.

Who will operate the Crosby Wellness Center?

The Winter Park Health Foundation operated the facility during its first ten years.  In 1999, the Foundation formed a partnership with the Central Florida YMCA to manage the Crosby Wellness Center (and the Foundation’s other wellness center in Oviedo).  After collaborating with the Winter Park Health Foundation for 17 years to operate the Crosby Wellness Center and plan for its new facility, the Central Florida YMCA decided it would not continue its collaboration with the Winter Park Health Foundation.

Following an extensive national search, the Winter Park Health Foundation is pleased to announce it has selected Power Wellness as the ideal management company for the Peggy & Philip B. Crosby Wellness Center when it reopens late 2018 as the cornerstone of the new Center for Health & Wellbeing in Winter Park.

Power Wellness is an experienced organization with proven success in managing medically integrated facilities with programming and services for members at all levels of health and fitness.  Currently, Power Wellness manages over 30 facilities across the U.S., serving over 100,000 members. A majority of centers managed by Power Wellness have achieved certification by the Medical Fitness Association.

Will the Crosby Wellness Center continue to offer its usual programs, classes, etc.?

You can count on the Crosby Wellness Center having the variety of services, classes, exercise equipment and amenities Crosby members are accustomed to…and more.  As we get closer to the opening date in late 2018, we will have plenty of details and class schedules to share with you.  We appreciate the input of Crosby members so we can take your interests into consideration as we finalize plans for the new Crosby Wellness Center.

What new features will Crosby Wellness Center members have access to in its new home?

The Winter Park Health Foundation is building a brand new $9 million facility for the Peggy & Philip B. Crosby Wellness Center.

On the first floor of the new Center, Crosby members will have fresh, modern locker rooms for men and women including saunas in each; and four private mini-locker rooms for those who need assistance from others to change, shower, etc.  In addition, the Crosby Natatorium is located on the first floor with TWO pools – one dedicated to lap swimming and one (with warmer water) for aquatics classes, swim lessons, etc.

Upstairs (and yes, there is an elevator in the new facility along with stairs!), will be the fitness floor with new equipment and TWO group exercise rooms.

The total square footage dedicated to the aforementioned features is greater than what existed in the original Crosby Wellness Center.  In its new home, the Children’s Wellness Center (including child care), the walking track, and conference rooms will be located adjacent to the new Crosby Wellness Center, accessible to members and others using other services offered within the Center for Health & Wellbeing.

In the Center for Health & Wellbeing, the Crosby Wellness Center will be surrounded by other features Crosby members can enjoy…all in one convenient location:

  • The Commons – the welcoming hub of the Center with comfortable seating for socializing with friends
  • A healthy café with indoor and outdoor seating
  • Nutrition Theatre offering healthy cooking demonstrations and classes
  • Conference Center hosting presentations on health and wellness topics
  • Children’s Wellness Center providing child care and programs (including an outdoor play space)
  • Physicians and other healthcare providers focused on prevention and lifestyle medicine
  • Massage, acupuncture and other integrated health services
  • Florida Hospital Sports Medicine and Rehab (physical therapy adjoining the Crosby Wellness Center fitness area)
  • Pharmacy
  • Lab services
  • An extra-wide walking/jogging path around the perimeter of the site (wide enough for strollers, walker, wheelchairs, and easy passing)
  • Outdoor seating throughout the 4.2 acre site, with six distinct garden areas to calm your mind or stimulate your senses.
  • Plenty of free garage parking and covered walkway to main entrance
  • Bike parking throughout the site and bike lockers in the parking garage
  • WiFi throughout – inside and outdoors

Will the Crosby Wellness Center only be for those who need therapy or rehabilitative services?

No, the Crosby Wellness Center always has been – and will be – the ideal choice for anyone with an interest in improving their health, fitness level and quality of life…regardless of age, medical condition, fitness level, etc.  The Crosby Wellness Center will continue to be a unique place beloved by members since it opened in 1989…only better than ever in its new home within the Center for Health & Wellbeing.

What is Medical Fitness Association certification?

With a focus on medically sound fitness and prevention programs, certified medical fitness centers play an essential role in the health and wellness of those individuals they serve.  These facilities feature the professional expertise and programming necessary to safely and effectively assist people, regardless of their current health status, to develop, initiate, and maintain an active lifestyle to minimize the risk of illness and injury.

The Winter Park Health Foundation is committed to the medical fitness model and Medical Fitness Association certification, which will make the Crosby Wellness Center truly leading edge and innovative.  In fact, designation as a certified medical fitness facility will bring the Crosby Wellness Center back to its original roots as a unique facility working closely with healthcare providers to improve the health of our community.

What about membership fees for the Crosby Wellness Center when it reopens?

The membership fee schedule for the new Crosby Wellness Center will be released this summer.  A preview center staffed by Crosby Wellness Center staff will open in August. Fees will not be any more than the most recent membership rates for similar services.  There will likely be packages available with various levels of services and access to programs, classes, etc….not only within the new Crosby Wellness Center, but the overall Center for Health & Wellbeing.  As a community center dedicated to helping all residents be healthier, some educational programs will be offered at no charge.

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